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The New Testament in the original Greek

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The New Testament in the original Greek

Published 1881

Publisher New York, Harper & brothers
Pages 684
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Language Greek.
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Reviewer: kiwimacahau - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 4, 2015
Subject: Westcott and Hort
This version of the New Testament in Greek was co-authored by Bishop Westcott and Rev Hort. It is both an excellent piece of work, although now dated, and a tribute to their fine Christian lives and witness.
Reviewer: learnthedetails - - July 16, 2013
Subject: Patient, but diligent, in any serious search for real answers... Encouragement for seekers
The Title of the book by Westcott and Hort is The New Testament in the original Greek (1881).

But this is false. A more accurate title would be the False Gospel of Westcott and Hort, as presented through their invented and altered false greek testament.

The Details of many of their 3000 + alterations and changes to the greek New Testament text have already been explained line-by-line, by Professor Hoskier in his Two Volume work called Codex B and its allies (1911).

I agree with both reviewers...the specifics are important, but the material can be hard to understand for those who do not have the background.

Basically, Original Greek New Testament is good, but was corrupted by several others including Westcott and Hort. Westcott and Hort were officially anglican, although in practice were occultist who were attempting to subvert the New Testament followers, by re-writing the text of the New Testament.

The changes between the KJV (for example) and the Westcott-Hort-Nestle-Aland version number in the thousands. However, it takes a deep study of doctrine often to understand what has been changed, and to know what the implications are, for the reader.

To the average person, they would not understand most of the changes, but what they would experience is simply great difficulty in reading, and in reading through, the New Testament. THey would also be likely to be bed astray to false theological conclusions.

PLace to start for those who don't know anything about Christianity might be the books of R.A. Torrey or Lee Strobel (case for a creator, case for christ, etc) , or Ravi Zacharias, or the non-fiction books of C.S. Lewis, (type in their names, google them, etc).

For those who have a christian background but have not studied the issues of Bible versions, there are several places to start:

1. If the FOundations be destroyed - What does the NIV have against JEsus by Saliby ?
2, New Age BIble Versions by Gail Riplinger
3. The Battle for the Bible by H. Lindsell

Those who wish to deal with the alterations to the new testament in GREEK, may want to start reading the material of OXford Professor John W. Burgon on the text of the New Testament.

There is no one place where you can go, to get the outline of the controversies. They are many.

There is no one book that has summarized all of the material. New Age Bible Versions by Riplinger tries to do this, though it may seem more readable to some than others.

Of course, Gail Riplinger here has videos, but those videos should be watched, along with reading her book on New Age Bible versions. (You can even throw in the Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow and learn about the plans for the implementation of the Global order using changed and altered falsified Bibles...which are often the modern versions that claim to be clear, but actually are not ).

It would be a mistake to conclude that all of these authors agree with each other in every detail. But they do tend to agree with each other on the broad outlines.

There is a Greek New Testament, it is the same one as the one which was available at the time of the Apostles of Jesus (who wrote it). There are 27 books of the New Testament today, and there were originally 27 books of the New Testament. There are thousands of copies of the New Testament, and many many that date back to very close to the time of the Apostles. It is possible to know which are the real manuscripts and which are the counterfeit. But don't expect to learn this in 5 minutes.

Most people do not want to know the truth. Many are lazy, many more don't care, and many dont understand how their eternal destination can really be tied up, with a book authored 2000 years ago. Somehow they forget that God is thousands upon thousands of years old, and that once He gave his message (in the Old and New Testament), then it was up to the humans to get ahold of it, study read it, and understand it. A few know to start reading in the 4th Gospel in the New Testament, the Gospel of John. But many don't even know that, are afraid to read, and allow themselves to be controlled by those who have scared them off, away from anything spiritual. Nice trick to get people to ignore their own spirituality.

As far as professional critics, Usually those who support the message and content of Jesus CHrist and the New Testament gospel content, tend to favor the older and more accurate manuscripts.

Those who are against the message of Jesus Christ, and try to make Jesus say just about anything, except to admit that HE claimed to be the true MEssiah, those people are those who are modernists, who support the 1% of counterfeit manuscripts, and they are the ones who are often found today teaching at Harvard, Yale, or in several seminaries.

Those who oppose historic Christianity would include those such as J. Rifkin, Joseph Campbell, D. Spangler, Elaine Pagels, Baigent et al, Daniel Wallace (RCC), Metzger, Nestle (Sr and JR), Griesbach, Aland (Kurt and Barbara), Ken Copeland, James Scott Trimm, Charles Capps., Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Rick Joyner; Jack Deere, Origen, Peter Gilchrist, Alice Bailey, Mike Bickle; Patricia King, Ern Baxter, Paul Cain, Z. Sitchin, George Lamsa, acim, Charles Taze Russel (jw), J.F. Rutherford (jw), Richard Foster (renovare), Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet, Doug Pagitt, S.A. Weor, Shirley MacLaine, Tony Campolo, E.W. Kenyon, Phillis Tickle, Rob Bell, Mircea Eliade, Spong, William M. Branham, C. Peter Wagner, Kittel (Sr and Gerhard), Bart Ehrman, Griesbach, Lachmann, Philip Schaff, Tischendorf, and Westcott and Hort....

The reasons to believe the material – [of the teachers we like] - should be that the content of the material agrees with the New Testament, at least for those who claim to believe that the New Testament and its content is the accurate revelation from God (provided it is an accurate version). The reasons to question the material or content of authors should be based on whether or not the material is spirituall accurate, not whether it makes us emotionally feel good. Emotions often unreliable and very transitory and temporary. Truth and God's truth specifically, will last forever.

The older Christians (such as calvin, luther, stephanus, etc) knew which manuscripts were reliable back in the 1500s and 1600s. The answers that they found and supported, are the same answers that genuine Christians will support today. The conclusions about the manuscripts are the same. But the information supporting the more accurate manuscripts has become much more abundant.

No one will give you a medal for the study.

Few will congratulate you for the effort.

Few will agree with the information, even when it is accurate, because even MOST people INSIDE the Christian churches, have been trained to stay lazy, passive, ignorant, content and asleep.

As others have noted, the ramblings DO have links within them, so they can be used. But it would be a mistake to suppose that anything will be simple and easily understood.


The simplest thing is get a King James Bible, find the 4th Gospel, the Gospel of Johh, try to read it and when you have questions, take notes for yourself, and write your questions down. And then ask God to help you understand, both before you read it and after.
Conversation with God is called prayer, and what can it hurt ?


As you re-read it, you will find answers, and learn more about both where to search, and how to find answers. Think of it as trying to solve an ancient mystery and a very large puzzle, with your eternal destination being the ultimate prize. Time is short, especially at this time.

Any of this is pretty much like trying to prepare for an earthquake, you knew the signs were there, you could have made preparations, you could have studied what to do, what to learn, and what is most important to know, to protect and help yourself and your family. Spirituality is much the same way. Many difficult days are soon ahead. Those who can get a clue, would do themselves a favor by learning how to find the real and personal connection offered to God through the contents of a genuine New Testament.

For most people, they will ignore the flood, until they are about waist-deep, and only wake up to the vague realization that they should have invested their time learning and preparing, much much sooner.

Some people have the concept that it is up to God to convince them that He is real. He is, but His job is only to make it possible for humans to learn and know about Him, if THEY want. God does not convince people against their will. God does not violate the rules that He established, so that humans have the choice of whether to accept Him and seek Him, or not. (Humans can chose their choice, but not the consequences of the chose... wisely). God arranged for 1500 pages of material (called the Old and New Testament) to be available in just about every language and every culture. So it actually takes real work, to continue to avoid the material that God has made available for anyone who wants to learn about Him. The Bible is still the number one bestseller every week, of every month of every year, around the world. That only makes the material even more abundant.

What each person does is up to them. God does not reward everybody. As the good book says, God reveals Himself to those who seek Him with ALL THEIR HEART, not to those who are simply curious for the past 25 seconds.

And also GOd is a rewarder of those who DILIGENTLY (sincerely, with all their inner strength) genuinely seek, and are seeking, and continue to seek, to find HIM. God knows how to evaluate our efforts, He knows if we are sincere or not. No human living now is perfect, but God knows to give us credit for the Effort that we do and actually ARE trying to make.

Those who truly and sincerely seek God usually find Him.

Those who do not seek God, often do NOT find Him.

Choice belongs to each of us.

Bibles based on Westcott and Hort, Tischendorf, Griesbach, Nestle and Aland, are going to be Bibles that are false, counterfeit, support wrong doctrines, have false historic accounts, and demonstrate themselves to be deviating from the known historic manuscripts of the Old and New Testaments. The Old Geneva Bible or King James Versions do a much better job, if you can actually take the 5 minutes and learn about 100 new words that you are not familiar with (Webster's Dictionary – 1828 – Free, here also). Learning is part of life, and that still applies to books of a spiritual nature also.

Reviewer: thomasanswered - - July 15, 2013
Subject: Against SitchinLied
When I judge the weight of arguments for or against Westcott and Hort, I am often struck by the fact that those who oppose them are often themselves deficient in the skills of communication. If you believe that you are relaying truth handed down by the living God, it would seem, then, that you would have a burden to communicate this in as flawless a manner as humanly possible, rather than in rambling. Scripture doesn't ramble, neither should those who believe in it. Study to be as eloquent as the apostles were in their writing, for the subject you convey is worthy of the utmost care.
Reviewer: SitchinLied - favorite - March 12, 2013
Subject: Hard questions and inconvenient facts...
In contrast to the myths and the errant Greek manuscripts that Nestle used ( and persuaded others yearning for acceptance to use – see further below), and Westcott and Hort advocated, the serious material and documentation of Gail Riplinger ;. who wrote about New Age Bible Versions and her Free videos ;. should be mandatory for all those who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, and also for those who aspire to truth, or who are seeking accurate answers ; about the Bible, whether you agree with her or not.
Truth – real actual, outside-of-yourself, objective truth – God's Truth, has nothing to be afraid of. Some messages and facts are larger than the messenger, and this is true in Gail's case also. So if truth upsets you, or you are working for a spirit-guide, then fall back asleep, but only at your own risk. There are forces that DO NOT want you to WAKE UP. They do not want you to THINK. They do NOT want you to ASK QUESTIONS. You are involved in spiritual warfare, just by reading.

I will not tell you that Gail is perfect, but who is ? I would prefer a flawed human, who actually wants to do what is right, who tries to do gurnall ; what is right, and who is trying to catch up on history, manuscript studies ; paleography, study of ancient Greek ; or Hebrew ; ... I would prefer someone MAKE the attempt ; and fail, rather than be like most pew-warming FALSE christians;, millions of whom; are surely headed for a lake of fire, while telling themselves ; that that they are saved ; offering not the slightest proof nor demonstration of this, who have no conscience, no understanding of the Bible, no ability to know, learn or discern what is the theology of God, versus what are false theologies.

If you assert that you have the status of being regenerated or Christian, and you actually are NOT (a Christian in the eyes and evaluation of God, who actually does know your spiritual state) , then the assertion does NOT make you a Christian ;. It simply means that your claims to be a christian are part of your own self-deception ;. The New Testament refers to those hundreds of millions of people as being part of the great falling away. Be sure you know who you are trusting ;

The old debates used to be about Christianity ; versus other religions. Now the issue is about What KIND of Christianity one has. And there is now MUCH more occultism ;, [ spiritism ; = demon possession] far more plain [[ demonic material, (SRA)]]; and much more FALSE miracles – You-Tube ;. [[ FALSE signs and wonders ]]; and many people who are simply possessed who are now simply part of their so-called [[ counterfeit local ]]; congregations. They are also among those who will take a mark on their right hand or forehead soon enough, and they will also believe the soon arriving false Messiah ; who rules from ;. Rome ; from Babylon ; . (Layard);. or Jerusalem ;. and whose plan involves getting through the time of Jacob's Trouble ;, (which is projected to be around seven years ;.). True Christians already know, as soon as you try to do what is right, as soon as you try to actually have a ministry, and especially if you are critical of other ;. ministries ;which are false ; or antiscriptural, ;, (Bickle, etc) you can be sure that spiritual forces will be evident in your life to begin resisting what you are doing, to s l o w you down and to stop your work, your ministry, your efforts and any results you might have hoped for.

This is why we are told to contend EARNESTLY ; for the true faith. Gail is not That rare truth-teller C Cumbey ;, nor as controversial as another Christian, Kay Griggs ;. (who tells the truth about leaders that Christians should have the courage to hear), nor quite as focused in her approach as the reliable historian Richard ;. Bennett ;. However the forces that Gail describes are real, their falsehoods are revealed here ;. also ;, for example, the work of the apostate false translator Kittel ;. ( Who admitted that he rejected the Old Testament, the claims of Jesus, and therefore the New Testament also ) ;.

So it is no wonder that wherever truth ; has actually managed to survive, there are many forces attempting to distract ;. and prevent people from even watching ;, or learning, so they can make up their own mind, for themselves. There are good teachers here, and the material ; that is contained ; in her ;. book ; about New Age versions remains accurate. Westcott and Hort despised Christians, and especially evangelicals. That reality seems to false evangelical leaders ; [ including Seminary professors ; and many Pastors ; ( false shepherds ; ) ] to use Westcott-Hort ;material , sources, and books (including false ancient greek texts) but only if the congregations are not informed of the the sources ;. of the material.

Is it possible that It is up to you, personally and individually, to consciously know what you believe spiritually, and know and find out for a fact what is true spiritually, and what is not true ? Yes, so If you get that part of your understanding of the Universe wrong;, you alone will pay the consequences;. This is WHY people who care about you tell you, and ask you, and recommend to you, that you read the Bible, often starting in the New Testament with the Gospel of John ( which is often a good place to start). If anyone told you not to worry about genuine spiritual accuracy, if a priest or pastor told you that you do not have to worry about it, then you were lied to ;– at that very moment. Now you and your eternity (and where you will spend it) hangs in the balance.

You are entirely 100% totally liable for every decision you make about whether to find God or reject Him, and whether to seek truth or not. A decision to ignore the data will simply be a definitely wrong decision. God knows you read these words, and He reads your heart, your mind and your thoughts. Chose what you want, but know that that you will have the consequences of your choice. Freedom of choice, means that YOU get the freedom to chose, your eternal destiny, and how to alter that destiny, if you chose. Freedom of choice means you chose and then you are also collecting the consequences of your choice. So chose wisely.

I cannot specifically speak to Gail's later material, but as for the 4 videos about versions of the Old and New Testaments, they are on track. Those videos (mp4) need to be watched by anyone in ministry, and anyone seeking truth. Certainly it is SAD that most pastors are too afraid, too gutless, too many cowards for most of them to personally study or deal with theses issues.

I guess for them, Jesus told them to go out into the world and preach the gospel, UNLESS ---> it was controversial, unless ---> they had to take a risk, unless ---> they valued their paycheck more than Jesus, unless ---> they might upset their main financial church contributor [isn't that idolatry, placing that individual ABOVE Jesus Christ, as the ruler of THAT local church ??? Chosing between Jesus or Mamon (love of money), is the choice that hard, really ? if you are truly a real and authentic Christian ??? ]

Many pastors and even youth leaders are uncomfortable reading this right now, because they know this is true, and many of them are recognizing the truth about their Seniour Pastors. You are being led by those who are VERY willing to lead you astray ;, by departing from the New Testament. There is a subtle seduction by which the junior leadership ; in churches are both pressured and seduced into SILENCE, so that Pastors are NOT confronted Biblically, which they should be by other leaders in the church, and so the entire church is compromised, first by the Senior leadership, but then further by the OTHER leaders (even Laymen leaders) who refuse to stand for truth, and are willing to put their own congregation in the way of HARM, in many ways and on many levels. To act in that manner is a betrayal of their office and a further betrayal of Jesus Christ. And for many, You KNOW this applies to You and your choices. You know who you are ;.

Do yourself and your spiritual future a favor: REVERSE your stand, get some guts, repent ;
of your own betrayal of Jesus through compromised leadership, compromised leadership ; and START doing the right thing, by confronting FALSE and wrong leaders in the church and congregations you are. Jesus rocked the boat, every day that he woke up and taught TRUTH and commitment to God.

When Pastoring becomes about the money, and when Seminaries professors are paid high salaries, given tenure, comfort and status, they seem to STOP caring ; about the spiritual wellbeing of those they are supposed to be helping ;. And that seems to happen real fast, (and even faster in official or state sponsored or state funded churches or denominations).

Yes, the road to hell, paved with good intentions ;, and full of pretty sights, sounds, and counterfeit ;. signs and wonders ; apparently runs through the doors and sanctuary of many churches, as Gail and her material has demonstrated and documented. Now if you feel comfortable, enough to ignore BOTH the information, and the steps needed to inform yourself, then I guess you have just declared where your allegiance is, and is not. Don't worry, Free drugs, Free demons ;. and a little mark needed to buy and sell ;. will be actually really here shortly to minister to your short term needs. Let those who think that modern versions are authentic, deal with the actual questions raised, and then test themselves against the results. Those who truly believe that they have the truth have nothing to fear. On the other hand, being deceived, and having mistakenly chosen (consciously or not) to believe falsehoods ; by your seminary-trained Pastors ;,THAT may have an impact on your eternal understanding, reaching far beyond your current perception. Some people wanted God to take His hands and control off the planet. He should no longer interfere, but let humans show ;that they can actually run and direct the planet ;, without God ;. Very soon, that ; will be the reality.

He is no fool who gives up that which he cannot keep, in order to gain that which he cannot lose. It is time to give up the old idols of professor-worship, and the comfort of official church salaries. Honor God instead of seeking your own material comfort, even under the guise of seeking pastorates. Dont compromise on truth-seeking just because you are longing to be recognized as a young leader. Take time to know God. Give Him a chance to show what He can do in your life. Study the lives of those who came before you. Time seems to be in short supply. Seek truth. Ask God to help you.

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